Bio-identical Hormones
Goals of Bio-Identical HRT

•        Alleviate the symptoms caused by the natural decrease in production
of hormones by the body
•        Give the protective benefits which were originally provided by naturally
occurring hormones
•        Re-establish a hormonal balance

The goal of any form of hormone replacement therapy should be to provide
an adequate supply of the deficient hormone in a form that is as close as
possible to that which the body originally produced, therefore resulting in
normal physiologic effects.  Every person is unique.  Therefore, it is a
sensible approach for health care professionals and patients to work
together to customize hormone replacement therapy.  Bio-identical HRT
can be compounded in the needed strength and dosage form and
administered via the most appropriate route to meet each individual’s

The precise components of each person’s therapy need to be determined
after physical examination, medical therapy, symptoms, and laboratory
testing are considered.  Close monitoring is essential to ensure that
appropriate dosage adjustments are made.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy :
• Prevention of osteoporosis and restoration of bone strength
• Reduced hot flashes and reduced vaginal dryness/thinning
• Better maintenance of muscle mass and strength
• Protection against heart disease and stroke
• Improved cholesterol levels
• Reduced risk of endometrial and breast cancer
• Reduced risk of depression
• Improved sleep and better mood, concentration, and memory
• Prevention of senility and Alzheimer's disease
• Improved libido
• Many fewer unwanted effects than with synthetic hormones
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