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Osteopathic Medicine,as I practice it, includes Osteopathic Philosophy and Manual Manipulation.
Osteopathic Medicine is a philosophy where the mobility of the muscles,ligaments, tendons and bones are of primary importance. Osteopathy is therefore different type of patient care with treatment based on
anatomy and physiology rather than test results.

I focus on locating and treating the cause of the problem not the effect, which is commonly
known as "signs and symptoms."

Very often a patient will come to my office after having seen many physicians.  Their problem
persists despite having received the "correct medical care."  This is because the "effect" and not
the "cause" has been treated.

I will give you a simple example.  A common complaint I see is low back pain (the "effect").  I
look for the "cause" of the low back pain.  Often the cause is other than in the low back.  The
pain may be caused by a host of other areas.  The problem may be the upper back, ribs,
shoulder, or leg. The list of causes of low back pain is long.  If a physician treats the "effect" of
low back pain rather than the cause, the symptoms will persist.
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It is because of this fundamental differance I am able to succeed
where others have failed.

The history and philosophy of Osteopathic medicine is fascinating.  
Please go to the resources page and follow the links to find out
more, or contact me with any questions you have.

Lee Wisnioski, DO
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